Saturday, August 08, 2009

Money and Lobbyists Determine Possible Healthcare Reform

Check out this New York Times article about the deal the Obama Administration has made with Big Pharma. You can read the article here.

Genuine healthcare reforms appears to be dead. Once again, the pharmaceutical industry has used the billions of $ in profits it makes from you and me to be sure that whatever is coming down in terms of healthcare reform will benefit them much more than you and I. At one point in his campaign Obama said he would stare down the drug companies. Obviously his staring ability is not what he thought it was. So, come the fall, we can probably look forward to legislation that will give us more of what we have now -- only it will cost each of us more -- and many more of us will not be able to afford any health insurance. Oh, and by the way, aren't you glad the drug companies are spending $150 million of their profits on TV ads in August (in addition to untold millions of $ on lobbying they have spent the last 8 months) rather than on research that would actually produce medications that might help those who are sick?

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