Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Thoughts on March 30, 2008

1. Yesterday I was involved in a memorial service for Dave Barr. Dave died of stomach cancer at only 70 years of age. Dave and his wife Janet have a heart for the world -- having spent time in China, Thailand and Africa over the past 5 years. Dave was a wonderful man with lots of integrity and a heart for God and people. When news of his passing became public Janet received scores of emails from people all over the world who had been influenced by Dave. I'm glad that before he died he knew how much people appreciated him. This has also been a comfort to Janet.

2. Debbie and I are leaving for South Africa and Malawi on Wednesday. I'll be back on April 14 -- Debbie returns on April 19. This will be our first trip together since 2001. I'm glad we can do this together. This is an important trip for us personally and for the work and partnership we have been involved in over the past 30 months.

3. On an increasingly less important subject -- the Phoenix Coyotes will not make the Stanley Cup playoffs this year. BUT -- there is lots of reason for optimism. Solid goal tending and some great rookies (Peter Mueller, Martin Hanzal, Dan Winnick, Craig Weller, Dan Carcillo, Joel Perrault, Keith Yandle, etc.) make me believe that in the next 2-3 years the Coyotes will be a force to be reckoned with. Gretzky is doing a good job coaching these young guys. It should be good. While I'm disappointed they didn't make the playoffs -- I have genuine hope for the first time in a number of years that things will get better for the Coyotes.

4. The Suns traded for O'Neal -- and the team has changed. O'Neal is playing better than expected. Steve Nash has definitely lost a step over the past 3 years, but is still a terrific guard. Stoudamire has really upped his play since O'Neal showed up. The Suns are good -- but I'll be shocked if they win the championship. With the age of their key players -- I think their window for winning has probably closed.

Well, that's about all for now.

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