Friday, October 06, 2006

Hockey Season Has Begun


Hockey season has begun -- so the best time of the year has begun. Baseball is almost over (and we all know baseball is boring), so that is a GOOD thing. The Arizona Diamondbacks lost a ton of games again this year -- but that is nothing new.

It should be a good fall and winter for Phoenix. The Cardinals are playing the way they have for all but one year of their history -- that means they are losing. For some reason I get a perverted sense of pleasure watching them lose. I just feel sorry for Kurt Warner.

The Phoenix Suns will have another good year. Hopefully our favourite Canadian NBA player, Steve Nash, will play at the MVP level again.

AND, this year it looks like the Phoenix Coyotes have a decen
t shot at the playoffs, so, who could ask for anything more (other than the Stanley Cup -- but we are a few years away from that). I REALLY HOPE a Canadian team will bring back Lord Stanley's Cup this year. It's about time that happens.


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