Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2006 -- A Bad Year in Sports -- At Least for Me

What a bad year in sports for me.

1. Canada doesn't even get a medal in men's hockey -- a national disgrace.
2. Edmonton loses the Stanley Cup -- and Canada's Holy Grail is in the Carolinas.
3. Germany loses in the semi-finals of the World Cup. So sad.
3. Phoenix Coyotes don't make the NHL playoffs.
4. Phoenix Suns lose in the Western Conference Championships in the NBA.
5. Toronto Blue Jays are a good baseball team, but will probably not make the American League Playoffs.

Same-Old, Same-Old

1. The Arizona Diamondbacks are bad -- and will probably continue to be bad for a few years. Hard to believe they won the World Series in 2001.

Bright Spot?

1. Steve Nash -- a Canadian -- wins the NBA MVP twice in a row. Not bad for a 6'3" point guard whose first love was soccer.


1. Arizona will still not have a professional football team this year. Ya, we have the Cardinals, but they will continue to be quite miserable. Sure, they will probably win a couple more games than last year -- but I will be shocked and awed if they make the playoffs. I suspect they will go something like 7-9 or at best 8-8.
2. The New York Yankees will continue to be the biggest overpaid losers in the MLB.

Hope for the Future?

1. Phoenix Coyotes should get nothing but better -- lots of good young players and they have already made some good trades to improve in the 2006/2007 season. They have a good shot at making the playoffs.
2. Phoenix Suns should be better with Amare Stoudamire returning -- as long as Steve Nash can pull out another MVP year. If Nash and Stoudamire return to their form of a couple of years ago, there is a shot at an NBA championship.
3. Maybe a Canadian team will bring home the Stanley Cup.

Overall, all this stuff has no real meaning -- but I do enjoy the diversion from everyday life.

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