Friday, June 16, 2006


I am on Sabbatical!

Wikipedia tells us that a
sabbatical is a prolonged hiatus in the career of an individual taken in order to fulfill some goal. While some sabbaticals can be a year long -- I am thrilled that I am getting 4 weeks + an extra two weeks of holiday time. So, I am simply thrilled.

I have been working at the same place for 7 years now -- the last year was particularily stressful, and I am a more than a bit burned out -- emotionally, socially and spiritually. So, I am looking forward to 4 weeks of little people contact, some good books to read, and a project I am completing on global AIDS which will probably debut in Canada in August, and the USA later on in the year.

This year is also our 25th wedding anniversary, and we are going to Hawaii at the end of July for two weeks. I was able to find a condo for dirt cheap, we are flying to there on frequent flyer miles (my wife in first class, me in coach), renting a car, and then just spending time on the beach, seeing the sites, etc. It should be wonderful. We both love Hawaii and it will be a great way to end my time off.

So, my hope is, that in the next few weeks, I'll be updating this blog quite regularly -- especially with a list of books to read and a few comments about them.

Thank God for Sabbaticals!


anita said...

Yes! a blog again! blessings on your sabatical. i saw Cecila today, she attended a class i taught at prayerquake, that was interesting! have a great time!

Thorn said...

Just replied to a comment you posted back in January...just incase you don't get there anytime soon, I want to tell you how thrilled I am to have stumbled across your blog and how excited I am to learn that there is a very real spiritual movement emerging known to everyone else except me ( until recently) as the Missional church! It is exciting to know that there is actually reputable material to read and contemplate concerning the Missional church vs the possible extinction of the mega church(?) I thought this was an idea I came up with on my own...guess I won't need to write a book on the subject, too funny! Glad I am not alone in my 'principals'.
FYI, I recently left the church you attend after being there 22 years. I began to sense God doing something new, at least in me and taking me in a completely differernt and fully uncomfortable direction compared to those in my church community.
It has troubled me a great deal to experience and learn that my ideas and thougths on the subject were not readily received or encouraged. I am So happy to know I am not alone in my epiphany and that I am probably NOT spiritual chaff that God is purging from the "real church"

Mr.H said...

Don't get me wrong, I agree with sabbaticals and am grateful a family member qualifies. On the other hand, In my opinion I feel that there is a discriminating factor to the aspect of flaunting the sabbatical. Workers who are only able to, at best get two or three weeks vacation with pay do not have the luxury of calling their annual leave a sabbatical because renovations, cleaning up the garage, fixing the roof don't qualify as projects to work on while on this hiatus.

Oh don't misunderstand me on this. Church and related organizations employ people that work fifty and sixty hours a week, probably without compensation. Executives that get calls all hours of the day and night from bosses and clients on the beach that woke up after a shot night need to be compensated somehow.